About Muslim American Law Enforcement Association

MALEA aims to provide training, mentorship, and promote diversity in the field of Law Enforcement as well as service and education to the Muslim Community and the Community at large. We intend on reaching our goals by partnering with Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice organizations, Civil Rights, Interfaith and Civic groups; mental health professionals, and other helpful resources.

One of the MALEA goals is to establish chapters and subchapters (for larger agencies) within all States throughout the Nation. We encourage out of state Muslim Law Enforcement officers to join MALEA as supporting members. We will assist out of state members in creating their own chapters and to operate independently under the umbrella of MALEA National.

Candidly speaking, we need assistance in two areas to make this vision a reality, self-motivated personnel, and funds. This is a major undertaking but with the guidance and help of God we can reach our goals, Insha’Allah (God willing)! MALEA is seeking sincere, and able individuals to share the responsibility of furthering the missions of this organization. We strongly encourage all Muslim law enforcement officers from everywhere in the United States to join us in this noble endeavor. Lastly, we ask you to donate generously to MALEA, Jazzak Allah Khairon (May God reward you).

MALEA does not bear allegiance to any skin color, white, black or brown. We stand for and with the People. We are accepting of all religions and respect the rights of the People to practice any religion or the choice not to follow one.

Meet Our Team

Our Executive Board consists of the following roles:

  • Founder & President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Sergeant-at-Arms

Our Council of Chairs consists of the following roles:

  • Spiritual Advisor on Religious Affairs
  • Legal Advisor to the Association
  • Special Advisor to the President.

Our Committees consists of the following functions:

  • Civil Rights & Police Procedure
  • Diversity & Recruitment
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Health & Welfare
  • Community Outreach
  • Education & Training
  • Ways & Means
  • Expansion Local/National
  • Elections, and Event Planning
  • Resiliency
  • Career Progression & Mentoring