“A White has no superiority over a Black nor a Black has any superiority over White, except by piety and good actions.”
~ Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

About Muslim American Law
Enforcement Association

MALEA aims to provide training, mentorship, and promote diversity in the field of Law Enforcement as well as service and education to the Muslim Community and the Community at large. We intend on reaching our goals by partnering with Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice organizations, Civil Rights, Interfaith and Civic groups; mental health professionals, and other helpful resources.

One of the MALEA goals is to establish chapters and subchapters (for larger agencies) within all States throughout the Nation. We encourage out of state Muslim Law Enforcement officers to join MALEA as supporting members. We will assist out of state members in creating their own chapters and to operate independently under the umbrella of MALEA National.


Welcome to Muslim American Law Enforcement Association (MALEA)

I welcome and thank you on behalf of the MALEA Executive Board, the Council Chairpersons, and the Committee Directors for visiting our website. We look forward to serving and working with our communities.

“Education Is The Passport To The Future, For Tomorrow Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today.”
~El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X)
Kamil Warraich
Kamil J. Warraich
Founder & President


Become A Member of MALEA

Federal, State, County, and local Law Enforcement Officers and active Prosecutors from all levels of the Government are eligible for “Regular” membership. “Supporting” membership is for Criminal Justice Professionals, out-of-state law enforcement professionals, and Civilians. “Honorary” memberships are presented to law enforcement officials who have demonstrated profound support for the MALEA membership and the organizational goals. “Sustaining” membership is available for corporations, organizations, businesses, and individuals interested in financially supporting the organizational objectives of MALEA.

“Humanity is but a single Brotherhood: So make peace with your brethren.”
~The Quran 48:10
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