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Muslim Law Enforcement Officers need our advocacy now more than ever. They strive for equality and justice for the public and law enforcement alike. Your tax-deductible donation can help us in our mission of promoting an understanding and compassion between law enforcement and the communities we are sworn to protect and serve.

This vital work depends on the support of our members and our partners. Your contribution will help us advance the cause of racial justice, equality and inclusivity. We need your support to educate the public and empower the next generation of Muslim Officers through education and training. Through your donations, we can continue to build bridges between the public and law enforcement officers throughout NJ and the country.

Allah has blessed Muslims in America to contribute and represent a diverse number of fields and careers. Show your support for the Muslim Law Enforcement Officers. We are you and We are here to serve and protect the public. Your donation will help us with providing training programs for the community and law enforcement officers, urgent advocacy efforts, fund college scholarship programs and secure low-cost or no-cost prep courses for entry level and/or promotional exams.