MALEA is comprised of 12 individual committees, each with their own set of unique responsibilities, tasks and the sole purpose of serving our membership, other law enforcement officials and the public. Each committee is appointed a Director and a staff of volunteers to reach Committee goals in accordance with the Association’s mission. From educating law enforcement officials about Muslims and vice-versa, to developing a career path into Law Enforcement for our youth as well as monitoring laws that affect all New Jerseyans, MALEA committees are dedicated to public service.

Membership Expansion Committee Director Photo

Director, Community Outreach

Detective Omar Aly
Jersey City Police Department

This committee shall facilitate relations and awareness amongst the Muslim community and other communities by way of discussions, lectures, meetings, and anything else required.

Civil Rights & Police Procedure Committee Director Photo

Director, Civil Rights & Police Practices

Lieutenant Kamil J. Warraich
Asbury Park Police Department

This committee shall monitor, analyze, make recommendations, and submit Resolutions if necessary, in matters involving interrelated topics of Civil Rights and Police Procedures.

Chief Internal Affairs Investigator David D'Amico

Director, Education & Training

Chief Investigator David D’Amico
Middlesex County Department of Corrections & Youth Services

The Education and Training Committee shall provide all educational programs offered by the Association to the Law Enforcement and Civilian communities.

Diversity & Recruitment Committee Director Photo

Director, Diversity & Recruitment

Sergeant First Class Stacey Llyod
New Jersey State Police

This committee shall promote diversity and equity in policing by recognizing well-diverse agencies as well as identifying agencies lacking diversity. Partner up with law enforcement recruiters from different agencies to create and implement recruitment programs for Muslims and other underrepresented groups. Assist Muslims in securing law enforcement careers and provide guidance through the recruitment, background, and the Police Academy process.

Legislative Affairs Committee Director Photo

Director, Legislative Affairs

Captain Harrison Dillard (retired)
Morris County Prosecutor’s Office

This committee shall monitor proposed and passed legislation, especially involving law enforcement officials and the public. Initiate contact with legislators with specific recommendations and assist in preparation of Bills to improve the lives of police officers as well as the public at large.

Training & Mentoring Committee Director Photo

Director, Elections

Investigator Mohammed Islam
New Jersey State Correctional Police
Special Investigations Division

This committee shall promote participation in Association elections and to help compile information from members who wish to run for an Executive Board position and any other responsibilities thereto in furtherance of a fair election.

Hassam Hashmi Image

Director, Membership Expansion (Local & National)

P.O. Hassam Hashmi
Edison Township Police Department

This committee shall attract and retain membership through various methods of outreach on the local and national level.

Ways & Means Committee Director Photo

Director, Ways & Means

Lieutenant Naveed Syed
New Jersey State Correctional Police

This committee shall raise funds necessary to carry on the business of the Association, increase funds for activities relevant to the Association and to foster relationships with outside entities.

Civil Rights & Police Procedure Committee Director Photo

Director, Event Planning

Sergeant Mahasin El-Amin
Plainfield Police Department

This committee shall develop and execute plans for the Association events.

To Be Determined Photo

Director, Health & Welfare


This committee shall keep track of and establish contact with members experiencing illness, death or any other hardship in their immediate family and render assistance and support approved by the Executive Board.

Detective Brad Waudby

Director, Law Enforcement Resiliency

Detective Brad Waudby
Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office

The Resiliency Committee shall provide law enforcement officers with training and tools to successfully navigate through the countless job stressors by promoting mental health and offering all available resources.

Chief Keith Stith

Director, Career Progression & Mentoring

Chief Keith Stith
Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office
Chief Larry Suffern, Co-Director CLICK HERE FOR BIO
Englewood Police Department

The Career Progression & Mentoring Committee shall provide guidance and mentoring to Rank & File Officers as well as Supervising and Commanding Officers, as career advancement is an integral part of the law enforcement career.